MUSES >>> Tereza Rosalie – Tereza Rosalie Kladosova

MUSES >>> Tereza Rosalie


For this time, we decided to present you ME, captured again by my beloved Vojtěch Veskrna at our little Prague apartment. You can explore my own TRK selection which I wear and cherish.

On the pictures you can find artworks by Bety Krnanska, David KrňanksýAlexej Shachov, Maria Makeeva and Vendula Knopová. Plant are from friends, family and Haenke.

Who are you and why do you, what you do?

I am Tereza Rosalie and I am trying to bring into the grey world some colours, joy and playfulness. Because the world around us forms our hearts and souls.

Best travelling experience?

I remember the most from vacations, where everything went wrong. For example my first solo trip abroad. We took a bus to Venice with a friend of mine. Two hours later after our arrival, they stole our backpack with the return tickets (you see, this was way before the internet era). After that we walked the whole day with these large rucksacks on our backs (very ideal for a two-day trip) around the city and could not find accommodation. As two desperate and broke students, we finally found a very overpriced hostel. The next day, reconciled with the fact that we have to buy the bus tickets again, we have missed that night bus.

What did you like to do, when you were little?

I always crafted something, drew, created and also watched the TV a lot. I had this book called “Big book for little masters” and I built everything that was in there :) It’s all ugly though haha. I did not join any school clubs, so I entertained myself alone. I also had a knack for business and traded. I looked for old treasures and tried to give them a second chance at life. For example, when this big container drove by and after it was full, I went and searched through it to find treasures. They were often not well apprised by my surroundings. They did not see any value in a chipped vase or in an old tie. I did not take everything, anything I picked was a curated pick. And it was these treasures that I tried to sell to people around me. Haha, I used to be a better business woman than I am now. At least I definitely had more courage. Or I like to remember my portable flower shop. I used to collect flowers in the meadow or in the forest and various green leaves, twigs and so on. Every item had its own price and was placed in a small vase. After that I went to visit neighbours with this tray of flowers, offering them bindings upon their wishes. For example, I remember one cowslip was 20 pennies. Well, I was just running this local and seasonal flower shop.

Favorite toy?

I was such a collector and I still am, though I really try to control myself. When I was around 8 years old, one of my friends, who was like 55 years old gave me her doll. It’s a small black boy, from a bit firmer papier-mâché/cast… when I got him, he was already missing a piece of his foot. I treasured him, because is fragile. I still have him. I also like my collection of porcelain dinosaurs. My parents had a store with -glass-porcelain, so I often played with elephants without trunks and tried to rescue them. While other kids received plastic dinosaurs, I had porcelain ones. My parents thought it was a good idea, I guess. Nevertheless, everyone survived and T-Rex had it coming now .

Favorite movie/book?

I have a lot of favorite books and movies. Every book or movie reflect the time of my life when I saw it or read it. For the last few years the movie Call me by your name remained in me, along with its soundtrack. I play it at least once a year. And in summer I saw Babyteeth and that has left its mark on me for a long time. Three years ago I have read Patti Smith’s Just Kids and M train (thank you Lenor, it changed my life) for the first time and I have re-read both of them this year. It is a must to read them, and experience it with Patti...

Favorite craft?

I admire all kinds of craftsmanship. The fact that one can make something with his or hers hands fascinates me. I would like to live a lot of lives and be a different kind of craftsman in each of them. I am this little crossover craftsman. :) I love touching materials, materializing thoughts. Miracle. 

Matylda apron

What would you yet like to try in life?

That’s the thing… I need to be a piano virtuoso, a librarian, a florist and as I said before, I would also need to become a master in 20 different crafts.

What always pleases you?

A flower, anytime.

What kind of flowers do you like?

The ones that are alive, but also the painted ones and the marzipan ones.

What would you like to experience again?

I would like to experience my childhood again, but with the freedom that I have right now. I mean my freedom of thought. A child must do a lot of things, go to school, and grow up. I would like to do the things I find that are good for me. Always.

What did your grandparents/parents teach you?

That it is important to surround yourself with beauty and beautiful things. To not be afraid to be different and embrace that as a strength.

If you could pick in what time period you could be born, which one would you pick and why?

I think it would be great in the prehistory. I could play with those ceramics dinosaurs live!

What motivates you?

Other creative people. When I see someone create something beautiful, I get the urge to create too!

Favorite candy?

Uuu, that’s a tough one… I guess hot chocolate and its kin, cold ice-cream.