MUSES >>> Juliana

 Goddess from land full of photographic books

Back in Vinohrady Juliana lives in the same street like Julie (from our previous post) and they are friends! What a surprise in this village like town Prague :). Juliana prepared for us a feast from fruits and before we started to shoot we spent a lovely hour chatting about art, eating and drinking morning coffee. If every my morning would be like this I don't need rest of the days. Pure joy and soul connecting moments. 

 I always watched Juliana from a distance, I adored the way she dress and her charismatic personality. Just being around her makes me feel good. Enjoy this visual feast where Vojtech captured all I felt that moment, you can smell the energy. These moments with beautiful souls are so precious to me. 
If Juliana would be a song she would be 
If she would be a painting / photography... she would be Kate Moss with broccoli by Wolfgang Tillmans

Juliana selection:  

Top Patchwork 3490 Kč - TRK 5HOURS line
Green wave flower shirt 5390 Kč - SS 20 
Reversible flower top 3350 Kč - SS 20
Flower pants 5890 Kč - SS 20
Green wave flower dress 10500 Kč - SS 20
Flamenco dress 7800 Kč - SS 20
Scarf big 1500 Kč - TRK 5HOURS line