MUSES >>> Marek – Tereza Rosalie Kladosova

MUSES >>> Marek


“I select my clothes based on how I feel in it, just like anybody else does”

Marek is one of the TRK interns and he was a part of the Linger in Joy collection's first men's looks. He modeled exactly those unisex looks as well as bags and shoppers, which he took the most part in creating. 

“The best way to describe how I feel in Tereza's clothes is through an excerpt from a song called Hush Hush by @misspetty_p / I LOOK SEXY, I FEEL POWERFUL, TOTAL QUEEN, TOO LATE FOR YOU TO HATE ON ME./ And that's exactly how it is. Thanks to the colors, silhouettes, and the overall vibe, I was able to connect both my masculine and feminine sides and feel confident. The fear of not fitting in is suddenly gone, because the queen worries not about what other people think.  This is what I love about TRK clothes. Anybody can adapt this approach and if you have the slightest of doubts, I strongly recommend this bright colored cure.”


Hand printed unisex set 
 Marble shopper