MUSES >>> Markéta – Tereza Rosalie Kladosova

MUSES >>> Markéta


Markéta is a creative under the brand Bold Studio. We visited her one very grey and sad fall day in her studio, located in Letná, Prague. You really cannot categorize Markéta, just as you can’t categorize her work. Her and her work needs to be experienced and either you love it or you don’t get it. I sometimes feel both, but there is always also respect and admiration.

There are a lot of other words that describe it, like: courage, craft, fearlessness and a strong flow of the magic, that is called in general “creativity” (I have a feeling this word is lately very widely abused to the bone). With Markéta wearing TRK clothing and choosing very BOLD sets, I have a feeling I somehow compliment and complete something even bigger and better.

I am asking, what I am interested in, period.

Markéta's selection:

Tob Blue: 3490 Kč

Donna top: 3950 Kč

Ponny bell trousers: 4650 Kč

Reversible hoodie Ofelie: 8500 Kč

Rosalia tailored jacket: 13.000 Kč

Rosalia trousers: 8500 Kč


 If a fire broke out in your studio, what would you try to save? What is the first thing you grab and run away?

A painting by Martin Lukáč, but I don’t think I would manage, because it’s too big, so I would probably burn with it.

Do you think that the Czech environment is inspiring or do you always look elsewhere?

In the Czech environment, I perceive a contradiction that I do not understand. The individual creators are great, but the overall atmosphere is not much. Sometimes I feel that the leading fashion media, that are being published, want to bore or ignore us to death. We're moving forward, so I wonder, why aren’t they moving with us? I do not feel much alliance in this regard, I hope that will change.

Sometimes I imagine, I am someone else, be it a historical person or a made up one. If you weren’t Markéta, who would you be?

I have two positions. Most of the time I see myself in an intact ambience of vacant nature as one of the beings, who only fulfills the pure essence of being and surviving. I imagine myself as some kind of a bird, who only feels instincts and love, nothing else. In another position I try to imagine myself as some kind of a mover of society, I debate for myself my moral, values that I would sacrifice myself for. But that’s a bit more complicated.

In your work you work with body, corporeality and also sexuality. What is sexy for you or what does being sexy mean for you?

Sexuality is interesting, because it is the kind of unique behaviour that comes from the essence of our personality. We can explore it and move it but we cannot push it or change it. In a sense, it is the truth within us, beautiful and horrible and scary. The sexiest thing is to love.

If you could be any flower, which one would you be and why? Draw me the flower.

Passion flower. It has this alien look and in medicine it is used for calming down. An alien, who is tormented by his own passion and gives others peace - that is the anagram of my alter ego flower.

What do you do, when you feel like you do not have any inspiration? When are you creative the most?

Inspiration is a reaction to a stimulus, if I stay open to my surroundings, there is always something to respond to, and if not, I try to look "with different eyes". It is necessary not to confuse one's own confusion in what I want with non-inspiration. I'm most creative when everything is clear to me. I don't like to admit that I am often motivated by the desire to impress a specific person. 

If you were a song, which one would you be?

I don't know, but Beethoven's manuscripts look a bit like my sketching. Haha.

An artist whose work you keep coming back to?

Toyen, Rosemarie Trocke!


I think of you as an artist who goes behind the borders of the Czech Republic. If you had no restrictions, where would you live? Which creative community are you interested in? What would you like to be a part of?

I don't think anything ever limited me in living life anywhere else. It was my choice to present the studio in Prague. We designers are expected to sit somewhere worthy of us, but this is a dogma that takes into account only our performance and not us as complex people. I have my ambitions and goals, people I would like to work with, it's a matter of plan and destiny.

Do you think that as a designer you constantly develop for the better or do you think at some point you reach your limit and it gets hard to overcome yourself or that it is really hard?

Being a designer gives me the benefit of having a complex and current work. There is a presumption that we will evolve all our lives. I don't know the emotion of overcoming myself, it requires condemning previous work, and I don't do that. I try to evaluate every idea, at the beginning of each sketch was the reason for its creation.

What interests you in TRK clothing? How do you feel in it?

I admire the sophistication and layering of ideas that TRK pieces have. Each thing has an unexpected cut, more wearing options, detail, recognizable print and story. I no less value Tereza as a personality and a professional. How I feel in TRK garments - SPECIAL!

We say goodbye with Marketa's favourite food. Bon apetit.