MUSES >>> Patrik – Tereza Rosalie Kladosova

MUSES >>> Patrik


Patrik Kriššák is a painter whom I met quite recently, but whose paintings I fell in love with right away.

Hi Patrik,

Before I met you I thought I was a person with an exceptional feeling for colours and their combinations, now I know, there is someone better!

Thank you for the compliment:)

For me, your paintings are primarily about colour, it does not really interest me what is depicted on them but what they radiate and how they affect me. Have you ever wondered about the meaning of colours? How do they affect our minds? What do you think about the colours you use and colour combinations? I for example work with colour compositions by heart, but I know, some have studied how to combine colours so ‘it works’. Do you have your specific method?


I am constantly interested in colours because I work with them every day. In the past, In the past, I have studied the influence of colors from, say, the "esoteric point of view", what each color expresses, how it affects the mind, what symbolism or dynamics it has. However, in most cases I do not need this knowledge and I do not consciously use it, I leave space for, like you, rather intuition.

And the specific image and its subject.You're right, working with color can't be purely rational, so sensitivity plays a vital role here. Like everyone, I have my favorite combinations in which I have found pleasure over time. A "digital color space" is needed as a "hack" for a search. This term refers more to print and photography, I use it from time to time to help with color combinations, available to everyone - adobe

Of course  real colors behave differently, they have different opacity, so the most important thing is to perform tests and only then do I create the final compositions. My method is as follows. At the beginning I have an idea of the finished image and then I materialize this idea into real material. I use classic oil paints and canvas. I have my own "how to paint" procedures, the whole thing is that even though I use oil paints, I paint in a watercolor way, so I start from the bottom layer and gradually move to the foreground. For this reason, it is necessary to have thoughtful individual steps.

Most importantly, I need to have fun with it. :)


We made a tailored shirt and top for you, what do you like about the given patterns and materials you have chosen?

I'm afraid that my answers will create some certain clichés, but I think why people choose what they choose (in the field of fashion) are colors and materials. It is definitely an intention. What you like, your customers like. It's always like that, in addition to you being a fashion designer, you also represent the role of an influencer, and you show the rest of us that such colors and such materials are worth discovering. And that's why I'm grateful that the shirt you tailored to me is beautiful to wear, I feel very natural in it. The materials were somehow right there, but I am satisfied, very pleasant to the touch, fine material. Why not treat yourself to a little comfort ?!


If you weren’t painting, what would you be doing? I would probably be a florist.

Now that I answer these written questions, I think about it too much and I must say that I am satisfied with what I do, it is very difficult to find something from which I would feel similar satisfaction .. it would probably have to be something that would also be helping people find happiness :)

But somewhere I heard a saying: "Baklava macht glucklich", so I would bake desserts and yummy treats.

Have you ever considered transcending into other artistic / design spheres? For example print designs or furniture design… what would it look like?

Yes, I did consider it and I find it interesting switching what you are devoted to and at the same time not straying too far from the original. I have almost started to print fabrics or paint on furniture, but for some reason I did not make it happen. I am opened to new possibilities. Do you want to cooperate?

Haha why not!!!


Your favorite artist  whose work you return to?

I like a large spectrum of artists and from each one I like something different, e.g. photography La Chapelle, Araki, from modernists Kupka, J.Chicago, L.Burgeoise, from painters Shimoyama, Katz, Doig, K.Bernhardt, video Trecartin, Rafman. Different and a lot...

If you didn’t live in Prague, where would you live?

I think I have the usual syndrome that whenever I go to another city abroad, I immediately think of living there :D I am satisfied that I have a background in Prague, but I like big cities. If I had the chance, I would go to many places that I haven't visited yet, such as Mexico, Tokyo, Soul, Paris etc.

Do you feel like an adult? What does it mean for you? Sometimes I have a feeling that becoming an adult means giving up those beautiful naive dreams and I fear that.

I think that there is nothing wrong about being an adult. I imagine it as already having a vision of what you want, we can call it a beautiful dream and you go for it and it is fulfilling to realize. Of course the naive things fall away, but oh well… :D

Do you see your work as fun? Is it important for you to feel joy during your work? Most of your paintings, even though their subject is difficult (climate change...), have a very positive effect. Why is it? Do you ever have to force yourself into painting or is it always easy?

I think that in any work, the element of "fun" must be included, even if I think the word is misused, because fun is more about visiting dance floors and loud laughter over the skittles of alcohol. I just want to say that work as work depends on people. I enjoy it even though being a painter is not just about applying paint to canvas, but also about things around it. I'm interested in everything.


Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, if you are born again, as what/who and in what time?

Nope. Overall, thinking so far and not having enjoyed my time here enough is overtaking events. So far here nicely on the ground in human footsteps. It's amazing, one can think! That's the coolest thing you can imagine!

If I could I would choose this life again (S.Barracuda)

Last question, my favourite one. If you were an animal, which one would you be.

I would probably opt for something different than what we are used to and so I would try to move to the hydrosphere, that could be interesting :)