TRK 1000 HOURS behind the scenes – Tereza Rosalie Kladosova

TRK 1000 HOURS behind the scenes

TRK presents TRK 1000 HOURS 

I would love to introduce you a brand new collection “TRK 1000 HOURS” that I just published on my e-shop. These pieces are timelessly unique and go far beyond the usual seasonal collections. Each piece is an original marked with our soul, waiting for the right person with character and a dose of imagination. This is exactly how we view you as our customer. The collection is off-season because we believe that these pieces will last a lifetime and that you yourself choose the season to which they belong.

Why is the collection called TRK 1000 HOURS?
  • Because every meter of material takes tens of hours to produce and we have to travel throughout the whole republic to receive it.

  • Because it takes a long time to properly and thoroughly search for a waste that has the potential of becoming a beautiful material.

  • Because we want to emphasize that these are demi-couture pieces that take a lot of time and energy to produce and bring to perfection.

  • Because we simply love it and 1000 hours does not equal only the length of the production but also the amount of love we put into the whole process

" It's like creating paintings that will transform you into a work of art."

Let’s see how is such a material is created!

From the beginning:

  • In factories, we collect and buy waste wool, which is no longer usable for them.
  • We clean, sort and prepare the wool for carding.
  • The carding takes place in Liberec from where we eventually collect the wool. Its texture is now very similar to cotton candy.
  • We prepare materials and compose patterns, which is probably the longest and most creative part of the whole process.
  • When the patterns are ready, we pre-felt them by hand.
  • We go to Netex where the material is properly felt and finalized.
  • Now we can begin to cut, sew, and produce.
  • Your new coat or jacket is born.






On the e-shop, you can find individual styles/cuts of jackets and coats. Some are already ready to shop, but most are made to order. We will prepare new styles for you as a part of "TRK 1000 HOURS" with each seasonal collection.


How does selecting a piece from "1000 HOURS" work?

  • You choose the cut (we always make variants for men individually)
  • You choose the material, either from the fabrics that we have in the studio or we agree that we will create a unique material especially for you.
  • You choose the size or variant made to measure, which means that we’ll tailor a chosen piece to fit your needs perfectly.
  • When choosing from existing materials, production takes about 3 weeks. If we make the material to measure, the production takes about 2-3 months.
  • We’re both happy and excited. 

I also cannot fail to mention my partners without whom nothing would be possible, even the sun wouldn’t rise. Netex, Departement of non-woven textiles at Technical University in Liberec, Nová Mosilana and Lanatex.

 If you want to come by, try the jacket on and look at the fabrics we have in stock, I will be most happy to welcome you by prior arrangement or we can send you pictures. 

Tereza and team